We are three crazy, stupid guys who didn’t have any plan for future, and they still don’t know what they are doing now also. One of them got a seriously stupid idea of doing something really stupid, well i don’t know who got the idea at first place. Idea was that we will start practice of programming to polish our programming skill, and what we create we will give the source code away Free. Because important thing was polishing our skill.

Good thing about our team, that we all are all-rounders, means one of us is good in Gaming Programming, Algorithms, one is good in Web Developing, Photoshop and last one is a good programmer and and… i don’t know any other skill about him. well just leave it.


Now about our website, company or team name “MAWAAT”, what is mawaat? well if you are a brown people you know “mawaat” word usually used as alternate of d**gs or any bad thing but actually its real meaning is “INVENTORY”. And in future we will going to add more thing in our website.