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Brick Breaker Download Source Code C#

Brick Breaker Introduction

Do you know some people say, brick breaker was invented in 80 era. Brick breaker is a game in which there is a ball,slider and some brick. Aim of the game is to break the bricks with the ball.Ball will be moving and colliding on the screen and bricking the bricks but bottom side of screen will be open so ball can fall from it.

At bottom side slider will try save the ball from falling and change is direction. This game is quiet good but its feel awesome, when it comes in programming with free source code.

What we have code in it?

After downloading our project brick breaker, Running it in visual studio, you will there are lot of forms in it. Well i am not going explain all the form because coding in the form is easy and can be understand by beginners level programmer but i am going to explain one form which is a level in a game.

So, open form 1 and see the coding in it. First we initialize 3 variables, 2 integer and 1 bool and name them score, MoveBallup(bool) and sideways. On design form we have taken the timer and started the timer in form load.

Then we created some methods like Collide(), Moveball() and BarCollide(). Method of collide is to check the collision of ball in game,method of move ball is to move ball in up and down direction depending on the status of moveball bool and lastly bar collide is to check collision with bars on left and right side.

Now the main part,In Timer event handler timer_tick,we are checking every collision in game specially with bricks. Changing direction of ball when they collide with side wall.All the main work if game is done in this section.

Same coding will be done in other levels download the brick breaker game and explorer!

Learning Points

  1. Collision.
  2. Moving
  3. Diagonal Moving


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