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Car Race Game Download Source Code C#

Car Race Game Introduction

Like Brick Breaker, Car Race Game was also invented in 80s era. Car Race game can be different type but all of them have same purpose, to reach the finish line at first.In Car race game, You compete against other car or a particular time. Our project is about a car who is competing against other car but not beating them but saving itself from them. In short we are passing through the traffic without hitting them

What we have code in it?

Well as i always say code is not difficult in our project,Because we created for beginners. After downloading and opening our project in visual studio. Open the main project code file which is form 1, In which we have done the main part of car race game.

We have taken a Timer on designer form,And in coding timer tick we are moving obstacle cars and white line toward our main its look like our car is moving.

We have put some condition that if our white line and cars crosses this limit then move to reset position. Then we have put some colliding condition with our car and other obstacle cars. That’s the explanation of car race game project.

Learning Points

  1. Collision
  2. Moving


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  1. I’m learning to do racing games on c #, I want to reference your code, hope can you help me. thank you so much !!

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