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    Brick Breaker Download Source Code C#

    Brick Breaker Introduction Do you know some people say, brick breaker was invented in 80 era. Brick breaker is a game in which there is a ball,slider and some brick. Aim of the game is to break the bricks with the ball.Ball will be moving and colliding on the screen and bricking the bricks but bottom […] More

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    Car Race Game Download Source Code C#

    Car Race Game Introduction Like Brick Breaker, Car Race Game was also invented in 80s era. Car Race game can be different type but all of them have same purpose, to reach the finish line at first.In Car race game, You compete against other car or a particular time. Our project is about a car who […] More

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    Snake Game Download Source Code C#

    Snake Game Introduction Snake Game is one of the oldest and i think one of the most playable game on planet earth, its a best game to kill your time. This game mostly came in mobile and yet after so many decades its not obsilate. In a snake game,There are two dots in starting in which […] More

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    Space Invader Download Source Code C#

    Introduction to Space Invader Space Invader Introduction Coming Soon You may Download the Space Invader Game Source code. How to use our project? Space Invader Coming Soon You may Download the Space Invader Game Source code. What we have code in it? Space Invader Coming Soon You may Download the Space Invader Game Source code. Learning […] More

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    Jet Fighter Game Download Source Code C#

    Jet Fighter Introduction Jet Fighter! What is a fighter? I think fighter is the person who is not afraid of facing the enemy. The person or the animal who literally fights is called a fighter. Professor Sawang Scriple said: “Good fighters never show their pain”. The persons who we see them fighting are soldiers, boxers […] More

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    Pacman Game Download Source Code C#

    “Fiction is the truth inside the lie”

    Fiction, a term basically used to classify any story created in any human’s mind in imagination and it can be based on the history or a fact.

    We can say that in the earlier times the stories which were told by the grandmothers to the children in the bed time usually, the stories of fairy tales and angles were included in the starting period of fictional characters.

    As the time passed by, the kingdom of the fictional characters spread all over the world and the characters were present in the books and novels. More

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    Maze Game Download Source Code C#

    Maze Game Introduction Maze Game, the complex structures interconnecting the path way. Basically, it is the collection of paths which are merged together in the way of the puzzled structure. Some people mostly believes also that our life is a maze game as the quote below defines that: “Life is a maze in which we take […] More

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    Flappy Bird Download Source Code C#

    Flappy Bird Introduction Games and Technology, plays a vital role in our daily routines. Some of the best games and technology we are using in our life like Flappy Bird game and technology like computers, cell phones, cameras, television etc. Even starting from the Kitchen appliances and ending up with our calculators to sum up […] More

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    Fruit Ninja Download Source Code C#

    Fruit Ninja Introduction Fruit Ninja Game contain fruit, a source of food containing seeds and is formed after the placenta of flowers. Some fruits which we eat are mangoes, Bananas, Pine Apple, Watermelons etc. “The fruit of a tree falls of its root” Fruits are sweet and are good for our health. Basically they are a […] More

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