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    HTML Code Generator Download Source Code C#

    About HTML Code Generator in C#: Html Code Generator is a C# source code program which is use to generate HTML and CSS code files without typing a single code. Suitable for: 1) Universities Project 2) Final Year Project 3) Learning Purpose   Terms and Conditions By getting the html code generator product you accept […] More

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    Simple Parser Download Source Code C#

    Introduction to Simple Parser Coming Soon You may Download the Source code. How to use our project? Coming Soon You may Download the Source code. What we have code in it? Coming Soon You may Download the Source code. Learning Points Coming Soon You may Download the Source code. More

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    Quiz Game Download Source Code C#

    It is obvious you all have played question and answer game or have seen the TV program related Quiz game for example one of the famous TV show related to quiz game was “Who want to be a Millionaire”, So inspired by that program we create a simple quiz game for our young programmer to learn new things.

    For running the quiz game, you need Visual Studio 2010 or higher version. More

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    ATM Simulation Download Source Code C#

    ATM Simulation Introduction ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine which main work is to manage money and give you fast access to your bank account, but i know you are not here for this information.So let get to the point, Our ATM Simulation is a console based simulation system.Well its not fully copy of a […] More

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    String Sorting Download Source Code C#

    String Sorting Introduction You have seen different kind of sorting technique like Selection sorting,Insertion sorting and Bubble sorting etc.But all of this sorting are implemented on integers,So we mawaat created a small project in which we have implemented a string sorting. As you know string is a datatype use in programming language and sorting mean to […] More

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    Generic Example Download Source Code C#

    Generic Example Introduction Generic mean according to programming,thing which is created once and applicable on many thing. For example In real world milk is a generic form and it is implemented in cheese,cream and yogurt etc. Little Case Study about Generic Programming In programming let say you have giving a task of creating a small program […] More

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    Factorial Example Download Source Code C#

    Factorial Example Introduction Factorial use to find possible combination of giving data with each other.Well factorial is a mathematics topic. In which you take a number x with notation ‘!’ like x! and it mathematics it looks like this. x=4 4!=4*3*2*1=24 Above calculation is called factorial, For that we mawaat created a small factorial project. […] More

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    Dictionary Example Download Source Code C#

    Dictionary Example Introduction If you are a book worm and love to read books then obviously there was a time,when you need a dictionary to search the meaning of word,Now here main part is not the meaning of  word but the way to find word in dictionary. For example: If you want to find the meaning […] More

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    Two Dimensional Array Resizing Download Source Code C#

    Two Dimensional Array Resizing Introduction Before reading this post, i want to tell you that you should have knowledge of One dimensional array and two dimensional array, because we are not teaching  the work of  dimensional arrays, Instead we are teaching array resizing  on two dimensional array, which are very rare to find on internet. […] More

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    Binary Search Download Source Code C#

    Binary Search Introduction Binary Search is the fast and efficient searching algorithm, According to Wikipedia it is a half-interval search. Its is efficient because it is use minimum iterations to find the targets values in list. But it have little requirement, List should be sorted before doing the search,So for before implementing binary search, you need […] More

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