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Library Management System Download Source Code C#

Library Management System Introduction

Quote about Library Management System:

“A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life” –Henry Beecher

Desiderius Erasmus said:

“Your library is your paradise”.

What is a library basically? A building or the room containing a collection of books of different subjects is basically a library.

Books are unique portable magic – Stephen King

The collections of the books are stored nowadays in the library. Many years ago when people had no concepts of papers, people wrote their researches and many other things on the skins of the animals or the parts of the stems of the tree and saved them in their places as there was no concept for the ordinary people to read that researches.

As the time passes, the Mughal era started. As they were Muslims they made the smallrooms in which the collections of the researches was saved and every ordinary man or woman was allowed to visit the rooms and read the researches.

So, the ordinary people also got many of the informations about a number of fields.

“Picking five favourite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose”

Neil German.

Hence, the time passed researchers became vast; the people started getting difficulties in finding the books.

Some people then arranged the books in colors to get resolved this problem but the problem remained the same. The subjects were there but the name of the books was not there.

The people after some time changed the colors of the books to sizes of the books but the problem was the same again.

In the nineteenth century then some people arranged the books according to numbers in the light of the subjects in this way, a library management system was introduced.

As the time passed all this classification was then introduced on the computers in the Databases which helped people in taking the books and returning.

Library Management System Description

Our team of mawaat had made a library management system using console application and in windows in which we have used buttons and labels and behind that our programmers have saved the number of books in the text file and we have used the swapping method here also.

Learning Points

Coming Soon You may Download the Source code.


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