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Quiz Game Download Source Code C#

Introduction of Quiz game

It is obvious you all have played question and answer game or have seen the TV program related Quiz Game for example one of the famous TV show related to quiz game was “Who want to be a Millionaire”, So inspired by that program we create a simple quiz game for our young programmer to learn new things.

For running the quiz game, you need Visual Studio 2010 or higher version.

How to use our Quiz game project?

When you download the Quiz Game Source Code, Extract it in a folder, you will find a solution file name “quiz game”, double click on it and wait for visual studio to open it.

Now click on play button to run the project,you will see the first form which have two buttons,one is “Start” button and other “Exit”, well as a common sense Start button is for running the game and exit for closing the application. Now click on start button and you will see new form will show up with first question.

That form contain a label which showing a question text in it and four buttons in which one button show the correct answer to the question.Now you can see two more things one is life line which is showing above the question and second is money stack which is starting from minimum to maximum. This money can be said as levels, As you answer correctly you move to new level in which more and more difficult question are shown.

Okay! come back to our life line thing which is 50-50,well you all already know what 50-50 do but still i am going to tell you its purpose, when you are kind of confuse between two options then you can use this life line.This life line will delete two incorrect option from the choices. but the thing is you can only use it once.

As you choose correctly you are going to level up and as you choose the wrong answer, you will move to next form which will show your current earning and congratulate on your winning :).

What we have code in it?

Our quiz game contain 3 forms, first and last form are not important, we know you will understand the code by looking. Now come to second form where we have played simple game of coding with button, label and if condition logic.

On form load event handler, we have load our first question.Now when we click on any four button, there is if condition logic is executed in which we are checking the question label string. If that condition logic contain the question then it will move you to next question or you can say next step. But if that condition does not contain the question then it will move you to next form with the money you have win.

Learning Points

  1. If condition logic.
  2. Click event handling.
  3. GUI Basics.
  4. Form to form data moving.

Click on Download Button to get source code:


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  1. Please sent the source code of the game. I submit the form but i didnt get the mail with the source code.

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