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Snake Game Download Source Code C#

Snake Game Introduction

Snake Game is one of the oldest and i think one of the most playable game on planet earth, its a best game to kill your time. This game mostly came in mobile and yet after so many decades its not obsilate.

In a snake game,There are two dots in starting in which one dot movement is controlled by user and other remain on screen which are known as food. Aim of the game is to eat food and get the snake grow as long as you can.

Well this snake game is contributed by one of our friends,But unfortunately we get to know that they created this game from this guide.

So, we do not take any credit from the project and give all credit to creator of the snake game and video. But you can download the project from our website.

Learning Points

  1. Graphic Object on form.
  2. Movement.
  3. Collision.


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