Write for us!

Hey! Peeps how are you? Thank for taking time and checking out this page.Well as some of you know we Mawaat team help beginners programmers around the world by providing free source code.

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Ok!So now thing is that we need your help,our website has lot of projects but still its missing some salt to add up the taste and that salt is “Content”. Lack of content may lead to failure of  getting value to needy person.

If you think you can write article,blogs,tutorial or anything which is relevant to tech world then you can do it for us. Don’t worry, Beginner are also encourage to contribute.

Before submitting the work here is little Submit Guideline.

  1. Minimum article,blog,tutorial or any information should be more then 300 words.
  2. You can add images but make sure they are not Copyright or Watermarked. We can change image if we need.
  3. Content should be unique and Don’t be plagiarized,Google and we don’t like copying other contents =).
  4. Last but not the least,Do review your work.so we can take time and write thankful mail to you.


Q-Why you should write for us?

  1. You think of starting your career in blogging,so you need a kick start or push.
  2. Best place to show your work to others.
  3. Learning opportunity.

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